Yaeliq Review

Try “premium liquid from the holy land” as they call it at Yaeliq and you may never go back. The business began with family and is still family-owned. First came the vaping, e-juice making hobby; the next step was inevitable: vaping stardom.

That’s taking things a bit far, but Yaeliq shouldn’t be overlooked. The team here hopes you can taste the quality of their ingredients in every puff. Friends liked their e juices and encouraged this group to go commercial. Here they are today with a service-minded attitude and a host of flavors at your disposal.

yaeliq.comThe Yaeliq Website

They don’t go in for slick web marketing at Yaeliq. It’s not gimmicky although there is a cartoon image of a Jewish guy (I’m not stereotyping, take a look for yourself).

The site is basic, a bit slow to load, and is similar in style to many small business pages where you can buy a small selection of vaping equipment and e juice. The format appears to come from a user-friendly template.

The E Juice

I guess their e juices must be kosher too, or I assume as much. They don’t tell you anything. What does it mean that they use top quality ingredients? Firms define that term variably to mean USP-grade, American-sourced, or even better: organic, natural, nut-free, etc.

I guess you will have to contact Yaeliq to find out. I don’t even know what they mean by “from the holy land.” Is it made there, made using ingredients from Israel, or is the family Jewish?


There is no shortage of choice. Yaeliq lists a large enough menu to justify sub-headings for fruit, dessert & candy, drinks, and tobacco. They also post deals and sell some hardware. Yaeliq e liquids come in 100-ml bottles for about $18 with customizable features like an extra boost for $3, 0 to 24 mg of nicotine by 3 mg increments, and a choice of vegetable glycerin (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) ratio. Go for 50/50, 70/30 either way, or 100% VG.

Fruit E Juices

These are all basic flavors. Yaeliq does not blend mango with acai or pomegranate with peach. You can do that if you want to at home or go to Yaeliq’s Fruit Bar. Here, you choose up to 4 flavors and what percentage of the whole blend they should provide. Good idea.

Dessert & Candy

Fruit only goes in one section: the one above or candy/dessert. Many stores selling similarly simple varieties would overlap, putting banana candy into both sections. I appreciate the distinction. Bavarian Cream, Graham Cracker, and Extreme Ice all land here as there isn’t another category suitable for just baked goods or mint/menthol. They even sell “toasted marshmallow” and “strawberry lollipop.”


If the inspiration was liquid it goes here, whether non-alcoholic or alcoholic; hot or cold. Kola, mocha, mojito, and grape juice share the page. Yaeliq’s energy-drink variety is called Red Mule. Toast a special occasion with Pink Champagne. Sample green tea or Israeli Coffee. Vapers describe this one as rich, strong, and a little bit creamy.


One of the unique flavors featured at Yaeliq is Captain Cook which blends Camel-style tobacco with laurel leaves and licorice for a lightly sweet but otherwise bold tobacco. One of their deals – $11 – is Israeli Tobacco, a pipe style. Almost all the others are standards like 555, RY4, Burley, etc.

On the Side

Buy t-shirts or e juice accessories in this section. Enhance or vary flavors with sweetener, a touch of sour, “cool” flavoring, or mint. Bottles are sold here too if you are interested in divvying up your e juice or making custom blends.

Samples and Deals

Instead of ordering the 100-ml bottle which is a big, though affordable commitment, order an 11-ml sample for $3.50. Choices include BanaNut, Anise, Black Cherry, Gummi Bear, and Irish Cream. These are 50/50 blends.

Besides Israeli Tobacco, there are several Yaeliq flavors on the sale block. Cue due by The LizardKing is a mouthful. Obviously cucumber, honeydew, and light mint aren’t as popular as they thought it would be. Same with Bazooka Bubble Gum and Key Lime. Snag a deal before they’re all gone.